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Diary of the World Record: Day6

  • By Vin Cox

12th Feb 156.4 miles

Final meal in France with Dave.  Lots of meat – duck this time.

Garmin on the fritz again…

The character of the land changed radically during the day: Olive groves, less snow, pine forest, pale rock and towns which felt Mediterranean in style.  The day finished in Martigues, a sea-side town east of the mouth of the Rhone – the river which I’d followed for over 300 miles since Dijon. I’d made it to the coast and faced only a couple of hour’s ride into Marsielle in the morning for the ferry.

My relief was massive!  Working to a deadline to get the ferry to Tunisia had been a stress all the way.  Necessary, but not something I felt I could live with all-the-time.  Thankfully, things would be more flexible from here on.

David (my shadow who’d been making sure I made it this far) had to work in the north of France in the morning, so set his alarm even earlier than mine!  The evening was my last in the company of a friend for a long time, and also my last chance to off-load stuff I wouldn’t need for the rest of the journey… I stayed up way too late re-packing my bags to be even lighter.

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