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Diary of the World Record: Day53

  • By Vin Cox

31th Mar. 123.5 miles cycled.

Coffee stop @ 25 miles: Cappuccino, madeleines, cornetto, and a new tail-wind! Perfect.

Took off 1 mile for back tracking [Guinness World Records rules].

Me, conditions and everything good. Could have gone further but for warning of no accommodation ahead.

Very very humid today – sweet a real problem.  Thunderstorm just missed me… would have liked to get wet.

Plan to start even earlier tomorrow.

123.5mi @ 14.5mph.

I got far too excited about that possible thunderstorm, as this video shows:

Ironically, when I eventually did get hit by a storm two days later I discovered it’s almost impossible to ride in.  Such heavy rain that you can’t see or breath if you’re moving into it. Traffic mostly stops. I could do without that for now.

I stayed this night in motel style accommodation behind an open air restaurant.  It was brilliant to have such a convenient and good meal (I let the staff recommend something, then ordered two portions!), and then be able to retire to bed so efficiently ready for an early start.  My sleep was interrupted several times though by knocks at the door from eager young ladies wanting to negotiate the price of their virtue.  I must look like a perv’.

Vin Cox's passport stamped for Thailand.

Vin Cox’s passport stamped for Thailand.

Fellow world record challenger Alan Bate set off from Bangkok on this day, about 220 miles behind me on the road.  Therefore I had a 5,342 mile head start given our respective start/finish points.  I felt safe in my own attempt even though Alan was targeting the Jules Verne figure of Around the World in 80 days.  Apparently he had a police escort out of Bangkok; I did feel a little envious of that after all the traffic lights I’d faced.

That was my diary from precisely four years ago.  I’m writing up each day on it’s fourth anniversary as a motivation to get this long overdue task done.  These days I’m to be found spending my working days at a brewery, my leisure time cycling, and my family time with my wife and baby daughter.  I hope this entertains, informs, or motivates you.