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About is a website and blog about cycling by British people or in Britian.  Vin Cox is the lead contributor on this website.  A renowned cyclist of broad experience; from World Record-Breaking around the world touring, to racing cyclo-cross in Belgium, and from downhill MTB (at 2 World Championships) to road stage racing, Vin is a British cyclist who has literally seen the whole world of cycling.

Readers should be aware that opinions, advice, reviews, reports and accounts shared via this website are just those of the author.  We’re all one-off’s, Vin more than most, and guest contributors on this site probably most of all (incidentally, if you’d like to write a piece for the website, please contact us).

So, how come this isn’t the national governing body’s web address?  If you are looking for them, please visit  Vin Cox bought in the late 1990’s before the national governing bodies for UK cycling merged responsibility for road, track, cyclo-cross, BMX, and cycle-speedway and then rebranded as “British Cycling”.